We Can Service, Repair, Replace and Install All Types of Water Heaters:


Conventional water heaters heat and store water in an insulated tank. These tanks should be flushed out and cleaned on a yearly basis to remove any buildup. Conventional heaters typically last eight to 12 years.


Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, heat water on demand. They use high heat to heat water-filled coils as you need it, meaning you don’t have to wait for the reservoir to fill up with hot water again. This is ideal for large families that need a lot of hot water at one time.

While these types of heaters have a higher upfront cost, you save money in the long run because of their energy efficiency.


Electric heating systems are, in one sense, the more energy efficient system when it comes to water heating. Nearly 100% of the energy in an electric water heater is used to heat the water.

Many homes are not set up with natural gas, so choosing an electric water heating system is the more economical option — rather than setting up a new gas line simply to use for your water heater.


However, if you do have natural gas lines already set up to your home, gas water heaters are a great way to go. Natural gas is a cheaper resource than electricity so you can expect to save money on your monthly bill.

At Executive Plumbing & Drain, we provide water heater services to both residential and commercial customers.

On top of that, we are one of the only plumbers in town to have water heaters IN STOCK, so we can replace or install them quickly when you need it! We carry the top brands:

  1. Rheem
  2. Bradford White
  3. AO Smith

We’ll work with you to figure out the best brand for your needs!


for 40, 50 and 75 Gallon Water Heaters


Gold + cold inlet shut off valve (ball valve) and thermal expansion tank


Silver + earthquake straps and valve


Bronze + Gas Line, Drip Pan, and Drip Leg


Water Heater, 6 year warranty + Supply Lines

Warranties can be extended to 10 and 12 years as well.

Hot water recirculating pump also available.

Got a water heater leak? Hot water issue? Hearing pounding noises in your water heater? We are on call to repair or replace any water heater: (951) 837-9511. Or fill out our online contact form to get a free estimate.