What Is Backflow?

Backflow is the undesirable reversal of the flow of water or mixtures of water and other undesirable substances from any source (such as used water, industrial fluids, gasses, or any substance other than the intended potable water) into the distribution pipes of the potable water system.

This means you’re getting a reverse flow of dirty water into your clean water systems. This dirty water could be contaminated with feces, chemicals, pesticides, and other dangerous materials. Not to mention a whole bunch of bacteria.

Backflow occurs as a result of a “cross-connection” within the water system, which exists when there is any actual or potential connection between a potable water system and any other source or system through which it is possible to introduce into the potable system any used water or other substance.

Back Flow Repairs

Most backflow systems are designed to provide decades of service. The biggest cause of backflow failure is dirt and debris that has built up over years of use. Recent misuse could also be a contributing factor.

When you have a backflow issue, your water becomes essentially unusable. That’s why it’s important to have your systems tested and maintained on a regular basis.

However, accidents do happen, even in some of the most well-maintained system. When you have a backflow issue, you’ll want to get it taken care of right way.

The goal of a backflow repair is to get the system back to original working order and ensure the entire backflow system is properly set for years of future use. Backflow can occur in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your home.

Install, Repair & Test

We install, repair, and test all backflow systems. Our team of backflow technicians is available 24 hours to respond to your backflow emergencies.

We service residential and commercial properties throughout Riverside County and offer highly competitive rates.

We pride ourselves on not only finishing jobs in a timely manner but also in providing customers with knowledge and information about their backflow system so they can properly monitor and assess their backflow systems.

If you have a backflow plumbing emergency, please fill out our online contact form and a member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible. Or call us 24 hours for emergency situations.